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Innovation in press fit technology

Remarkably improve the quality of press-fit products!
Automatically correct the mis-alignment up to±2mm
Insertion type can also be adjusted up to angle of 2°
Innovative device that can achieve both high quality and operation rate in assembly

センタリングデバイス センタリングデバイス

What is centering device

In 1977, M.I.T University in the United States of America invented Remote Center Compliance (Remote Elastic Center) principle and using multiple special elastic
shape (ESP: Elastomer Shear Pad) which this unique device was put on a practical
use for smooth insertion as well as press-fitting (patent pending) work.

Centering device has press-fit type (position error correction) and insertion type
(position angle error correction)

● Merit of introducing centering device

Significant reduction of poor press-fitting (insertion) assembly due to center errors
・Insertion pressure variation became small and uniform quality
Improved operation rate by reducing mistake in press-fit (insertion) errors
Reduce cost for implementation of system construction and maintenance

● Areas where introduction effects can be expected

・Assembly of car engine, transmission and suspension
・Assembly of hydraulic, pneumatic equipment, motor and compressors
・Semiconductor inspection equipment, positioning tools for inspection equipment

For customers that requires quality control and process control, we recommend
a center master that integrates with centering device, bracket and load cell.
The cost can be greatly reduced as well as making compact compared to
single installation

Centering devices and centering masters can also produce custom-made products to meet
the customer requirements.
We accept everything from the purchase of centering device only, construction and using new system, from modification of existing system to proposal of new
design and production.

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