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DOUBLE R&D CO., Ltd. part machining

The tasks that DOUBLE R&D accepts are more difficult and have more complicated processes.
This account a large weight in DOUBLE R&D products.
Machining parts that are extremely small and exceeds 5 meter is accepted.
Various types of material, various types of machining process, various type of quenching (heat treatment),
various type of surface treatment, painting activity, and delivering the final parts and unit products.

Manufacturing coordinator

With a history of 30 years, DOUBLE R&D Co., Ltd., has accumulated a rich and extensive knowledge in design, manufacture, assemble of equipment, devices, unit products, and jigs.

Even a simple part for machining requires process and program set-up Even if a part is to be completed in one machine, there is a necessary process in the selection of materials and machine, and as well as the part to be machined first.

Cost can be reduced by changing the process and depending on the number of products to be manufactured. For a complicated part, the process naturally becomes more and the type of machining tools to be use also increases.

If there is a heat treatment, knowing the properties such as hardness and the deformation value due to heat, and where to place it in a process really depends on the success or failure of the desired part of the customer. If there are many painting process and surface treatment in the final process, it cannot be achieved unless the characteristics of process and pre-machining is known. A part with a complicated process to be to be finished by 1 company, there are small number of companies that can accomplished this process.

Although DOUBLE R&D Co., Ltd, cannot provide all the materials, machine and equipment, we have dozens of companies and partner companies that we can cooperate with as we have been doing business with them for very long time. They are professionals related to material, machining (Lathe, milling, drilling, polishing, electric discharge wire machining), quenching, surface treatment (plating) and painting. These dozen of companies and partner companies can deliver the professional work.

Therefore, a coordinator who makes comprehensive decision is needed. We at DOUBLE R&D Co., Ltd., are responsible in carrying out all complicated process of parts to one company.

Requested item from engineering work of Company A

Cutter part unit of German made engineering exaction machine became unrepairable
and because the response is slow in buying a new one, we decided to make the product
here. The product unit has no drawing but only millimeter-sized drawing, since they
want to see the actual product, we created a new drawing and a new product.

Requested item from U precision machine maker

Although the total length of rack is 10m, it cannot be manufacture with 1 single product, and after having a meeting with the customer, it was then divided to 5 parts.

On average, 2m becomes 1 part and the partition is to be connect but the rack teeth must be formed at the center.

First, both ends must be calculated because rack teeth must be formed at the center where the location is near to the 2m.

The calculation formula is (circumference ratio) x module x number of teeth = total length Example calculation is 3.14159 x 3 x number of teeth = 2000 mm
As a result, the number of teeth becomes 212.
Therefore, the length of 1 part is 3.14159 x 3 x 212 = 1998.05mm
If until 3.14 was to be use for calculation, the length of 1 part becomes 1997.04mm, because it is 1mm shorter, the error for the total 10m length was doubled and it cannot be connected.

@@Material purchase SUS304 cold material 30 x 65 x 2010 (L)
A@Vacuum annealing material
B@Determine machining height to 30 x 60
C@Rack gear cutting
D@Decide the machining length to create steep on rack gear end face
E@Machining of mounting hole
F@Gas chamber treatment
G@Bending straightening
H@Glass bead shot or honing or polishing by buffing

UsinguElectric Axlevuniversal joint commercial product

In this case, we started on the partition of universal joint.
There is also part that is welded and determining what final machining process should be done but it has big influence on the precision and cost.

Created a machine for machining a special part

This project has important part with an inner diameter of 420e tapered part with different depth of 1.5mm parallel groove of entrance and exit, 130 pieces have the same 15inclination, and the total number to be machine is 260 pieces.
Since there are no machines that can perform the machining, DOUBLE R&D Co., Ltd., have decided to create a machine to process the grooves.

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