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DOUBLE Research and Deveropment Co.,LTD FA
ダブル技研株式会社 FA事業部


January 2020Increased capital to JPY49,400,000 (Including capital reserve)
September 2019Increased capital t JPY39,400,000 (Including capital reserve)
July 2018Selected in Kanagawa prefecture industry public cooperation business promotion research
June 2017NEDO new story Development of word transmission system for ALS patients etc., who are completely confined NEDO new story
August 2016NEDO Next-generation artificial intelligence/robot core technology development [ Innovative robot element technology field ] Selected for “Research and development of lower arm including robot hand”
November 2013「D-Hand」wins the award in 64th Industrial Technology Commendation in nine prefectures
August 2012「D-Hand」won the Grand prize award in the 29th Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development
April 2012 In the Advanced Technology Center @Tepia ”Life and communication” area, Readable 3 was selected in the permanent exhibit
October 2011 Selected in Research results optimal deployment support program for Seeds manifest type「Development of high performance wheelchair with foot」
July 2010Selected in 2010 Strategic basic technology I advanced support project for「Development of low-cost end effector with a flexible structure that can grip workpieces of any shape」
January 2007Selected for Kanagawa prefecture product commercialization support project (Commercial development of 3D spherical motor
December 2006Constructed and moved to new office building in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
July 2003Selected for strategic basic technology enhancement business of「Multi-degree of freedom spherical ultrasonic motor」
February 2003「Readable」first step in entering Europe, conclude an EU sales contract signed with Belgian sales company
January 2003「Readable」opened at US conference, subsidiary of Electronic Information Technology Industry (JEITA) promotion
September 2001Participated in「Development of equipment for promoting walking ability maintenance」in the Medical Frontier Business (Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare)
May 2001Proposal on Small and medium business corporation and Technical innovation promotion project for 2001(New technology research project) by “Design of walking support and nursing care, research on development of joint power assist gear” was selected
April 2001Probe development commencement of「Development of cerebral blood flow change detection technology for ALS patients」(New media association and Information system development business) in advanced Information Equipment Accessibility Promotion office with Hitachi Central Research Laboratory Ltd.,
March 2001Company president Hiroshi Wada, Researcher Naoki Fukaya of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology with Prof. Shigeki Toyama was awarded by Japan Society of Precision Engineering for 「Development of stator for spherical ultrasonic motor and study of stator shape」
October 2000Commence development of「Wall-jointed articulated robot」with Taisei Corporation, Man Industry and Tokai University
October 2000Certified as a research and development corporate debt guarantee by Venture Enterprise Center (VEC)
April 2000Selected by New Energy and Industrial Technology Organization (NEDO) for year 2000 and year 2001 projects on the proposal of「Finger braille system」
October 1999「Readable」was awarded at 1999 Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Award Encouragement
May 1999Commence development of finger braille system with prosody information for the visually impaired double impaired(deafblind)
November 1998・Exhibiting「Readable」to the 25th International Welfare Equipment exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight
・Exhibit invitation「Readable」to 98 Com Japan at Tokyo Big Sight
October 1998Selected and invited for exhibition of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency sponsored 1st Venture Fair Japan 1998 at Tokyo Big Sight
September 1998・Selected by the Japan Science and Technology Agency for creative research achievement development project of Ultrasonic motor「Prototype of power assist gear for rehabilitation」
・Proposal was selected for the upgrade of「Readable」remote operation and coordination function with other devices, etc.,) by Japan Electronics Industry promotion Association to support elderly and disabled people by information system development business and as member of consortium led by Hitachi Manufacturing, Ltd.
August 1998「Walking assist knee joint gear」was selected as an original research project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency
June 1998Launched page turning machine「Readable」
May 1998Page turning machine「Readable」won the highest award in the 1998 Welfare device contest sponsored by the Japan rehabilitation Engineering Association
October 1997Prototype first exhibition of page turning machine「Readable」in the 24th International welfare device at Tokyo Big Sight
June 1997Selected for the utilization of spherical ultrasonic motor「Development of artificial smart arm」by small and medium enterprise creation fundamental technology research project
November 1996Commence development of page turning machine「Readable」(Only one in Japan)
December 1995Launch of company’s first general-purpose product(piezo amplification board)
December 1993Introduction of computerized design (CAD System)
May 1993Delivered「Vibration control experimental machine」to Osaka University (Started business with universities and research institutes)
August 1990Expansion of design room
April 1990Change organization and company name change to DOUBLE R&D, Ltd., with capital of JPY 10,000,000
June 1989Assembly factory and office expansion
October 1986Introduction of machining center
August 1984Introduction of large NC 5-surface machining machine
July 1984Machine factory expansion
January 1984Representative Director Hiroshi Wada assumed office
February 1983Deliver first design and manufactured machine to Automaker company「Automatic welding machine」
February 1981Factory relocation at 2406-1 Kamitsuchitana, Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture
October 1977Established Wada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,
Representative Director Kiyoji Wada
Capital JPY 1,000,000
342 Kamitsuchitana, Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Award history Year 1998 Best prize of welfare equipment contest
Year 1999 Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Award
Year 2001 Precision Engineering Society Best Paper Award
Year 2003 FANUC FA Robot Foundation Best Paper Award
Year 2012 Kanagawa Industrial Technology Development Award
Publication ・Development of stator for spherical ultrasonic motor
(The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Year 1999)

・Development of reading robot for severely disabled people
(The Robotic Society of Japan, Year 1999)

・About intelligent robots
(The Robotics Society of Japan, Year 1999)

・Dispatch and report seminar on welfare situation in North America
(As a member of the study team「Japan Trade Promotion Association」JETRO 2000)

・3D spherical motor / motion control forum
(Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center, February 2007)

・Experience using public funds / SBIR system briefing session
(Kanagawa Prefecture Engineers Association, October 2007)

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